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Tomball Independent School District

Smart Tag

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School Buses lined-up in front of WWJHS
What to Expect
As of January 31, 2022, Tomball ISD will be enforcing the use of SMART Tag on the bus. That means that every student that will be utilizing Tomball ISD bus service to or from school, will be required to wear their SMART Tag ID around their neck and on a lanyard. They will be required to use their SMART Tag ID to scan on and off of the bus. By utilizing the SMART Tag system, the driver will be able to identify who belongs on that bus, as well as where they are assigned to get off. Students that have been riding a bus other than what they are assigned will no longer be able to ride that bus. Students will only be allowed to ride the bus they are assigned and they will only be allowed to get off at their assigned bus stop. Their stop is determined by their residence. Please see the Transportation FAQ page for further clarification.
The SMART Tag system was approved by the TISD Board to provide parents and staff a safe and efficient way to monitor the status of school buses and students on the bus. There are also additional safety features that allow the Tomball ISD Transportation Department to send timely communication to parents regarding any delays or other transportation-related communication. Parents must sign up through the Parent Portal in order to receive notifications.
For Assistance with Smart Tags, please contact your home campus.
Tomball ISD has implemented the use of student ID cards for all students as a safety measure at all campuses. The student ID cards will assist teachers and administrators in identifying someone who should not be on campus. Replacement cards can be requested at your student’s campus.
  • All students are required to wear their Smart Tag ID around their neck and on a lanyard. A breakaway lanyard is recommended.
  • Replacement Cost: 
    • $1 – Lanyard
    • $1 – Plastic ID Sleeve
    • $3 – Replacement ID


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Tomball ISD is excited to utilize the SMART Tag system. It will help increase safety and security for students riding on a school bus, leveraging technology to improve student management and communications on school buses.

SMART Tag monitors student loading and unloading, providing real-time information to the Transportation Department, and you, the parent.

The SMART Tag system includes a Parent Portal, which provides alerts to be sent to parents via email or text when your child is 10-15 minutes from their stop.

For more information on the functionality of SMART Tag, please see the resource links below.