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Tomball Independent School District

Bus Registration

Bus registration will be completed during Annual Enrollment using the Home Access Center (July 19 - August 6). On August 8, bus information will be available in the SMART tag Parent Portal If no bus information is listed in your student’s profile, InfoFinder will be available for you to enter your child’s physical address for bus information. If bus information is populated, please send a handwritten note to the campus stating, “I’m a bus rider and have not been assigned”. Please include the afternoon bus information found on InfoFinder. The campus staff will give your child a bus slip to use until they have been assigned to a bus. You will be notified by email when your child has been assigned and the bus slip is no longer needed. If your address does not populate bus information, please contact transportation (this occurs when there is not an established stop). It can take up to 10 school days to add a stop location to an existing bus route. Parents will be responsible for transportation during the 10 school days. 
Parents of students enrolled in a special program (Developmental, PASS, etc.) and require the use of a special transportation bus, please contact Janila Usimaki at
Parents of Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First-grade students will enter guardian release information using the SMART tag Parent Portal  Please list all persons allowed to receive your student at the bus stop, example: older sibling (including those that may ride the same bus), neighbor, or friend, etc. 
All students are required to have their SMART tag from the 2021 – 2022 school year on the first day of school until they have received their new SMART tag from their campus. Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First, and Second-grade students must attach the SMART tag to the upper, right side of their backpack strap. Students in the Third through Twelfth-grade must wear their SMART tag around their neck on a breakaway lanyard.
Starting August 16, 2022, the walk to stop distance will change from .2 to .35 miles.  
Please take time to review the Transportation page on the Tomball ISD website.
We look forward to seeing your students on August 16!