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Tomball Independent School District

Cameras in the Classroom

Video Recording of Special Education Settings Procedures
How do I request video cameras in the classroom for a student in Tomball ISD?
To request activation of video cameras in the Special Education classroom for your child in Tomball ISD, email your request (name of student, location of video camera, type of Special Education classroom), to the campus principal, or to the Tomball ISD Student Support office at
How long does it take for video camera activation?  In most cases, if video cameras are already installed in the classroom activation only takes a few days.  If the request requires installation, this could take approximately 15 days.
Do the video cameras remain activated from year to year?  No, the cameras are deactivated at the end of each school year and there must be a request within the new school year to reactivate the video cameras.
Will there be a formal notification if video  cameras are installed in my child’s classroom?  Yes, all parents of children in a classroom will receive a formal written notification when a request for video camera activation is made.  All parents of children in classrooms will also receive a notification when video cameras deactivate at the end of the school year.
How do I request to view a video once it is installed in my child’s classroom?  In order to view video footage from a video recording device installed in a Special Education setting, request an Incident Form from the Director of Special Services,  The Texas Education Agency rules define an incident as an event or circumstance that:  1) Involves abuse or neglect and 2) Occurred in a Special Education setting in which video recording devices are installed.
In addition, if a video recording is viewed during the STAAR ALT 2 preview and/or testing window, the viewer(s) must sign the ‘Security Oath: General’ in accordance with testing security.
For additional questions about cameras in Special Education classrooms please contact:
Keri Williams.
Director of Special Services