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Tomball Independent School District

Library Services

Tomball Library Services


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Tomball ISD Libraries provide a variety of services and resources, both print and electronic, to meet the mission and goals of the school district. We strive to make our students and educators future-ready and information literate citizens.


The mission of Future-Ready Tomball ISD libraries is to provide facilities and programs that empower 21st Century learners with the ability to effectively access and utilize information and to support the educational strategies of the school community.


  • Encourage the love of reading in various formats
  • Grow lifelong learners
  • Promote critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity
  • Provide equitable access to information

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question regarding a library book or resource, please reach out to your child's librarian. For general questions, please see the following FAQs.

How can a parent or guardian view what books are available in the school library?
Library catalogs for each campus can be accessed through the Follett Destiny Online Library.
What options do parents have regarding their child's library material?
Parents are encouraged to communicate with the campus librarian and their child's teacher(s) regarding self-selected reading materials. Parents may select alternative library materials for their student. A parent's ability to restrict access to library materials extends only to their child. (Educational Code Chapter 26).
How are book concerns handled?
When the District or campus receives an objections to the appropriateness of a library material, the appropriate librarian or administrator shall try to resolve the matter informally. The librarian or administrator shall explain the selection process and discuss the intended purpose for the library material. If appropriate, the librarian or administrator may reevaluate the library material to determine if it meets the current selection criteria and offer a concerned parent an alternative library material to be used by that parent's child in place of the library material in question.
If the complainant wishes to make a formal challenge, the administrator shall provide the complainant a copy of the Board Policy EFB (LOCAL) and the form to request a formal reconsideration of the library material. 
Who may challenge library resources?
A parent of a District student, a student who is 18 years of age or older, an individual employee, or any District resident may challenge a library material maintained in the District's library program on the basis that the library material fails to meet the standards set forth in this policy.

Group Photo of the TISD Librarians

Group photo of TISD librarians August 2022


Alicia Canada

Tomball Junior High

Erin Clanton

West Elementary

Terrin Comeau

Rosehill Elementary

Sally Dare

Willow Creek Elementary

Tiffany Dinh

Canyon Pointe Elementary

Kinsey Friedrichs

Creekview Elementary

Stacie Hastings

Timber Creek Elementary

Gretchen Hock

Creekside Forest Elementary

Alison Love

Wildwood Elementary

Sara Melson

Tomball Intermediate

Janet Muse

Grand Lakes Junior High

Lindsay Nalley

Tomball High School

Jaimie Ridley

Willow Wood Junior High

Deborah Russell

Oakcrest Intermediate

Tracie Sanders

Tomball Elementary

Beverliann Schaffer

Grand Oaks Elementary

Misty Schattle

Tomball Memorial High School

Laurie Taylor

Lakewood Elementary

Lawanna Valenzuela

Northpointe Intermediate

Jillian Walker

Creekside Park Junior High

Mandy Watson

Decker Prairie Elementary