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Tomball Independent School District

Guidance & Counseling Services

Guidance and Counseling Assessment
Tomball ISD's comprehensive assessment program provides ongoing evaluation of the district's academic program for every individual student. The assessment program also provides teachers with individualized academic information on each individual student. This information helps a teacher meet the needs of each individual student.

Counseling Services
Each Tomball ISD campus is staffed with experienced, certified school counselors. Our counselors serve as student advocates, provide individual and group counseling, and manage all aspects of the developmental guidance program at their respective schools.

Please refer to the appropriate campus home page to find out more about the counselors at your child's school.

College and Career Education
At Tomball ISD we prepare students for life. That means we help students learn about careers, what academic decisions will best prepare them for the career of their choice, and what post-secondary education they will need to enter those careers. 


Ask your JHS or HS counselor about Naviance! Naviance is an online college and career readiness solution that helps schools align student strengths and interests to post-secondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life. Please see information/instructions below.


Social Skills
At Tomball ISD, learning how to deal with other people is as important as learning our academic curriculum. We want our students to develop the confidence, tolerance, and skills to work together with others, to express their beliefs and opinions effectively, and to resolve differences with others peacefully.


TISD elementary schools use Great Expectations® (GE) classroom practices to help students become self-directed learners, productive citizens, effective communicators, critical thinkers, and cooperative contributors in the classroom as well as in society.

Student Intervention Teams
Every Tomball ISD campus has a Student Intervention Team (SIT). The SIT meets regularly to seek ways to help students who are experiencing academic difficulty, who are having attendance or discipline problems, who might need additional educational resources, or who may be upset about some personal situation. Parents are active participants with the SIT in helping students in need.

Community Youth Services (CYS) Specialist
Tomball ISD contracts with Harris County Child Protective Services for a full time Community Youth Services (CYS) Specialist. Our CYS specialist advises district staff that discover evidence of child abuse or neglect, and she assists students who are experiencing a crisis at home, or have no home. The CYS specialist advises student assistance teams.

Student Resource Officers
Tomball ISD contracts with the City of Tomball and the Harris County Constables Office for the services of Student Resource Officers. Based at the junior and senior high schools, the officers work to establish a positive relationship with students. The officers also assist with students at all campuses who are having attendance problems or discipline problems.

Tomball ISD contracts with the City of Tomball and Harris County Constables for Drug Awareness Education. Delivering Education and Awareness for Life (D.E.A.L.) is part of the curriculum in grade six.

Some Tomball ISD schools have active mentoring programs. Mentors are community members including business people, parents, retired adults, and district administrative staff who each spend time every week with one child who needs the interest of a caring, stable adult. Our mentors give the most priceless gift - their time - to help youngsters. Mentors are required to participate in a background check prior to mentoring. To volunteer as a mentor contact the school you would like to mentor students. All mentoring is done during the regular school day. No off-campus mentoring is permitted.

Transition Orientation
Tomball ISD sees itself as a single school system. At the same time our principals, counselors, and teachers understand the anxiety children experience as they move from elementary school to intermediate school, and later as they face moves to junior high and high school. To help students through these transitions, each school conducts an orientation for incoming students and parents. If your child will be moving to a new school in the coming year, please contact your child's counselor to find out more about these orientations.

Tomball Scholarship Foundation
The Tomball Scholarship Foundation provides one year tuition scholarships to eligible students who plan to attend any of the North Harris - Montgomery College campuses. The foundation is a 501(3)C corporation and accepts donations from individuals and organizations. All donations go into an interest bearing permanent account with the earned interest being applied to scholarships. Since 1997 Tomball ISD staff - custodians, bus drivers, secretaries, teachers, counselors, and administrators - have donated generously to the Scholarship Foundation through the Booster Bucks Payroll Deduction Program.

If you would like to arrange a donation, please call 281-357-3100.

How Parents Can Help
Parent involvement and communication are crucial to the Tomball ISD Developmental Guidance Program. We understand the awesome responsibility of the trust you show in us each day and we want you to feel comfortable with showing that trust in us. In that spirit we share the following thoughts....

Please stay in touch: Please feel free to call your child's counselor if you have a concern or a question, but we also ask that you just call to touch base with us. Each counselor has at least 500 students to assist, so please don't be shy about calling to ask how your child is doing. Your initiating contact with us will help a great deal.

If you find out something we should know, please tell us: If your child knows about something that you recognize as information his or her school needs to know about, please contact the school immediately.

Can you mentor a student? If you are a business person or home maker who can spare 30 - 60 minutes a week to spend with a child who needs a friend, please contact your school counselor.

Tomball Scholarship Foundation: Can you, your business, or your organization make a donation to the scholarship foundation? If so, please contact 281-357-3100.