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Tomball Independent School District

Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Use

Parents are the greatest influence on their kids - even more than friends, TV, music, the Internet, and celebrities. A teen's experimentation with drugs and alcohol can quickly escalate to weekend or daily use. It is critical that parents have conversations with their children to discuss the dangers and parent expectations regarding drug and alcohol use. 

Be on the lookout for these symptoms of substance abuse among loved ones:

  • Sudden weight loss

  • Chronic coughing, runny nose 

  • Loss of appetite or excessive hunger

  • Change in sleep patterns, sleeping in class 

  • Skipping school or a sudden drop in grades

  • Uncommon behavior problems at home and school

  • Showing drastic changes in behavior or personality

  • Change in friends

  • Stealing

  • Loss of interest in activities and/or pastimes

  • Secretive behavior and frequent absences from home

  • Posts on social media referencing drugs and/or alcohol

Early treatment can lead to:

  • Improved quality of life for the individual and their family.

  • Better education is a result of a clear, healthy mind ready to learn and excel.

  • Higher productivity in school, in future employment, and in every aspect of life.

Parent Resources

This joint guide includes information on a variety of substances, and importantly, how to talk with all age groups of children and youth. 
Information and videos on fentanyl and the opioid crisis.  Includes conversation guides and links to information for emergencies that can stop opioid overdose.
Approximately 50% of children under the age of 18 who misuse prescription pain medications obtain them from friends or family members. Access to safe drug disposal resources removes unused medications from the home and prevents misuse and unintentional harm.
TISD has launched an anti-vaping campaign to combat the rise of vaping among our students.

Tomball ISD Partnerships

Montgomery County Overdose Prevention Endeavor (M-COPE)

M-COPE speaks with students, parents and community members regarding the dangers of fentanyl and other drugs.  They have created the powerful Texas Memorial Walkway which consists of yard sign size pictures of loved ones that have been lost to an alcohol or drug related incident.

Restore. Instruct. Support. Educate. (RISE)

Through TISD’s partnership with Clearhope Counseling & Wellness, we offer free substance use screeners and interventions by licensed counselors through referral by parents, staff members or through the campus disciplinary process.

The Council on Recovery

The Council on Recovery is a PRC (Prevention Resource Center) funded by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.  They utilize prevention and education programs and facilitate lessons that promote self management and social skills, as well as drug resistance skills.

Where to Find Help

The Adolescent Substance Use Disorder (ASUD) program is part of Texas Child Health Access through Telemedicine (TCHATT).  ASUD provides free specialized substance use treatment for adolescents ages 12- 18 years with problematic alcohol and/or substance use. Parents, youth (self-referral) and other providers can make the referral using this link: ASUD referral 

Outreach, screening, assessment and referral (OSAR) programs are funded through the Texas Health and Human Service Commission (HHSC) and are available to all persons looking for information about substance use services. OSAR programs can be the starting point for people who want help accessing substance use services and are unsure where to begin.

  • The Council on Recovery

    • Licensed counselors provide free screening and referrals to detox services, in-patient and outpatient treatment facilities and other recovery options.

  • The Harris Center

    • OSAR phone line: (713) 970- 4400 Option 6

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides a list of treatment centers that can be searched using an address, city or zip code

Mosaics of Mercy is a free referral agency that helps community members navigate mental health and substance abuse recovery resources.

Tomball ISD’s Local Counseling and Mental Health Resources