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Tomball Independent School District

Guidance and Counseling

The mission of the TISD PK-12 counseling department is to provide a comprehensive, developmental guidance program which addresses the academic, college/career, and personal/social development of all students. The guidance program supports an optimum learning environment for each student, measured by their individual academic successes. This is accomplished by ensuring an emotional and social environment that is conducive to establishing and maintaining a quality learning environment that considers the whole child.

We believe…

  • All students have dignity and worth.
  • The primary role of the school counselor is to be an advocate for students and work toward the common goals of equity, access, and the academic success for every student.
  • Counselors build a sense of community within the school, which serves as a platform from which to advocate for every student.
  • Each child is unique and requires professionals to consider their individual unique strengths and weaknesses when considering intervention strategies to support them.
  • The whole child must be considered when designing effective educational programs and/or interventions.
  • Children are affected throughout their education by emotional and social issues that can be addressed through individual, small group, or whole class counseling sessions.
  • Through peer mediation and conflict resolution children can learn to better cope with their peers.
  • Parental involvement in a child’s education is critical and must be nurtured.
  • A quality educational program for a child is a collaborative effort between many people inside and outside the school system.
  • The counselor is a valuable resource and support for students, parents, and educators in helping to provide an optimum educational program for each child.
  • Career awareness and counseling provides a connection for students between their current academic program and their future after school.
  • Decisions affecting the guidance program must be data driven.

Helpful Links

Professional Counselors

Tomball High School
Shamia Coleman - ext. 2216
Erin Day - ext. 2207
Karen Hill - ext. 2223
Angela Howell - ext. 2221
Emily Nichols (College and Career) - ext. 2242
Amy Vann - ext. 2650
Tomball Memorial High School
Jennifer Buttram - ext. 1117
Sheri Forsyth - ext. 1044
Norman Mark Floyd - ext. 1127
Lashelle Nix (Lead) - ext. 1020
Norma Phelan (College and Career) - ext. 1027
Erika Zeno - ext. 1061
Tomball Star Academy
Michaela Dotson - ext. 2212
Tomball Connections Academy
Jennifer McCready - ext. 4142
Creekside Park Junior High
Sharena Coffin - ext. 4817 
Erin Thaemlitz - ext. 4824 
Tomball Junior High
Joan Gabby Delgado - ext. 4414
Kathy Donigan - ext. 4413

Willow Wood Junior High
Jennifer Herold Fontenot - ext. 1214
Beth Pitts - ext. 1213
Ashlee Sumrall - ext. 1212

Northpointe Intermediate School
Nizher Diaz-Vela - ext. 1418
Oakcrest Intermediate School
Crystal Gidrey - ext. 5613
Tomball Intermediate School
Shannon Gutierrez - ext. 4208
Canyon Pointe Elementary School
Brenda Becerril - ext. 2811

Creekside Forest Elementary School
Elysia Dean - ext. 3813
Creekview Elementary School
Paola Salcedo - ext. 5204
Decker Prairie Elementary School
Zakiya Bircher - ext. 3076
Grand Oaks Elementary School
Stephanie Robinett - ext. 5006

Lakewood Elementary School
Julia Harrison - ext. 3679

Rosehill Elementary School
Julie Hutson - ext. 1607

Timber Creek Elementary School
Penny Cathcart - ext. 4608

Tomball Elementary School
Andrea Littlepage - ext. 3208
Wildwood Elementary School
Kandy Huggins - ext. 5403

Willow Creek Elementary School
Cynthia Hamilton - ext. 3408