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Tomball Independent School District

Tomball ISD Director of Fine Arts JD Janda Recognized as 2023 Outstanding Fine Arts Administrator in Texas by Texas Fine Arts Administrators

Tomball ISD Director of Fine Arts JD Janda Recognized as 2023 Outstanding Fine Arts Administrator in Texas by Texas Fine Arts Administrators
JD Janda Fine Arts Award

TOMBALL –  Tomball ISD Director of Fine Arts JD Janda was recently recognized at the state level as the 2023 Outstanding Fine Arts Administrator by the Texas Fine Arts Administrators. 

Serving fine arts education for over 40 years, Janda has dedicated the last eight years to serving students in Tomball ISD as the Director of Fine Arts. 

Janda was recognized amongst his peers at the annual Texas Music Administrators Association's  (TMEA) annual convention held in San Antonio for his contributions to fine arts education in Texas and specifically in Tomball ISD. Each year, one administrator is honored as the Outstanding Administrator of the Year.

“JD Janda embodies the mission of TFAA and Tomball ISD in advancing high-quality fine arts education for all,” said Dr. Steven Gutierrez, TISD’s Chief Operating Officer. “At the local and state level, JD is a fierce supporter of fine arts opportunities for students to shine and thrive as many have before them. With 42 years in public education and eight in Tomball ISD, JD has made tremendous contributions to fine arts education across the State and is very deserving of the recognition as the 2023 Outstanding Music Administrator.” 

What does it mean to be honored with this award?
Janda: “That’s tough! Being named the Outstanding Administrator is not really anything I ever expected. I’ve always just tried to do my best for all the students of the district. Always having a “true north”: the student – provides a sense of purpose at all times. It is certainly nice to know that my friends and colleagues around Texas that selected me, believe the same thing and use my work as an example for theirs. Our fine arts students are so talented, dedicated, hard working and creative! I’ve always attempted to keep the focus on them and off of me. When peers recognize me, I hope they are doing so because of my desire to focus on student success!”

What makes fine arts so special?
Janda: “The arts are that subject that make us all whole, make us all more human. The arts allow us to say things and have a voice that human language simply cannot say. The beauty of listening to a symphony or a trip to the art museum or the ballet gives us a sense of ourselves that is difficult and often impossible to say in any other way. The arts help us understand beauty and help us get in touch with our emotions and our spiritual side. Our students in Tomball are just starting to understand that exact fact – our fine arts teachers are giving that experience to every single student that enters the classroom. In the fine arts classroom, there is rarely an exact correct answer; there are dozens, hundreds, and an infinite number of correct answers to the same question. What moves one person to think “A” moves the next person to think “B”. This inspires confidence and encourages our students to be tolerant of other ideas and other opinions. With all of that said, there are all the other proven benefits of teamwork, discipline, commitment, follow-through, and understanding the value of hard work. Our students all learn that the work they do today will pay off tomorrow. That skill can be used for a lifetime of success. Very few of our students will become professional artists or dancers or musicians or actors. But regardless of what their futures hold, the study of arts in school will help them be successful at whatever is out there for each of them. The arts prepare every child to be more successful at EVERYTHING!”

What made being Director of Fine Arts in Tomball ISD so rewarding?
Janda: “I enjoy nothing more than seeing young people be successful at whatever they are doing. I get to see and hear that every single day. My heart is always full of those student successes. There’s nothing like it. I have the best job in the world!”

Tomball ISD educates students to become responsible, productive citizens by providing innovative, individually rigorous, and personally valuable educational experiences. Founded in 1908, Tomball ISD now encompasses 83 square miles in northwest Harris County and southwest Montgomery County, and is located approximately 30 miles from downtown Houston. The district currently educates nearly 22,000 students at 22 campuses.


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