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Feel Good Story: TMHS Volleyball in Midst of Historic Season

Feel Good Story: TMHS Volleyball in Midst of Historic Season

November 10, 2023
TMHS Volleyball in Midst of Historic Season

TMHS Volleyball

“We are One. We are Wildcats!” has been the team motto the Tomball Memorial High School Volleyball team has been vocalizing since day one. But for this 2023 team, being One means so much more. 

The Tomball Memorial High School Volleyball team is still in the midst of the most successful and historic season in program history, preparing to compete in the Regional Semifinals on today, Friday, November 10 vs. Wylie East at 4 PM in Lufkin, Texas. 

Dominating with an overall record of 40-8, and still going, while also capturing a Undefeated District Championship title with a perfect 14-0 record, the Wildcats have truly had a remarkable run and it has been nothing short of amazing.

“I tell them all the time that they are built different,” head coach Sydney Lynch said. “They hold each other accountable like a drill sergeant, and love each other like sisters. They are fierce competitors and have a deep hatred for losing. They always want more - more reps, more time together, more opportunities to grow and get better.”

Lynch has served this program as the leader for the last four years, but is an inaugural staff member who joined the campus as an assistant coach 13 years ago when the TMHS officially opened. 

This 2023 team is made up of nine seniors, three juniors, six sophomores, and one freshman, and when Lynch was asked what made her the proudest, it was an immediate credit to her student-athletes.

“They are fighters! We have overcome a lot of tough situations, and their ability to ‘handle hard’ has been something our coaching staff has challenged them with all year. They have surprised me on multiple occasions with their ability to continue to fight and find new ways to be successful. They do it for each other and show it on and off the court.”

The success this team is experiencing didn’t just happen overnight. It began in the off-season when no one was watching.

“The girls fully bought in,” said Lynch. “We revamped our off-season last year and I think that really helped build the camaraderie early. Volleyball season starts fast and furiously in August. We began playing together as a team only two days after tryouts and cuts were made. There isn’t a lot of time to come together and figure it out. I think our off-season last spring really helped set the tone for how this year would be different.”

And while it takes talented and smart student-athletes to be winners, every successful program understands the importance of community and campus support. TMHS Volleyball gives a lot of credit to those who have been with them the entire ride.

“It is a complete package at TMHS,” Lynch said. “Our girls first and foremost are top-notch students, kind human beings, and talented athletes. They are supported at home, and their parents are fully invested in their growth as a student-athlete. Our facilities are beautiful, and we lack very little in need. What makes my personal role such a great gig is the support I have within my coaching staff and administration. They have been rock stars all year long and we would not be successful without the time and energy that they pour into our girls. My administration at TMHS has always been supportive of our needs and desires and that’s helped us propel us to new ‘history-making’ accomplishments.”

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