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Tomball Independent School District

Feel Good Story: CPES Counselor Leads Campus-Based Guidance Lessons

Feel Good Story: CPES Counselor Leads Campus-Based Guidance Lessons

February 9, 2024
CPES Counselor Leads Campus-Based Guidance Lessons

CPES Counselor Initiatives

Counselors play an important role in a child's educational experience.

In Tomball ISD, school counselors proactively collaborate with one another in order to best serve all students district-wide. As a key communicator and a great listener, a counselor serves as that individual on campus that knows all students and that supports each one through their own personal, social, and educational growth.

At Canyon Pointe Elementary, Counselor Brenda Becerril has created student-focused initiatives that expand self reflection, discuss life topics like friendship and goals all while continuing to focus on finding ways to support the local community. 

Students participate in guidance lessons every single day where they practice Great Expectations (GE) life principles, learn strategies to control their emotions, and be good citizens.  

In addition to guidance lessons, CPES students also have the opportunity to participate in "Lunch Bunch'' which is a small group setting to target specific needs. Whether it is conversation around friendships, anxiety, testing strategies skills, self control, or self confidence, students have the opportunity to share in a safe space with peers.

“Being able to implement guidance lessons with every grade level is a proactive approach in teaching and giving students tools for their education and relationships with others,” said Becerril.

Not only does CPES implement initiatives to support students but finds ways in which students and the community can support one another.  

“Helping our community is a big part of who I am,” said Becerril. “I've worked closely with Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Shriners, St. Vincent de Paul, and more.”

Through a partnership with several of these organizations, Becerril led the charge in securing wheelchairs for students, finding rides for parents to go to visit Shriners, as well as assisting them with personal needs. CPES families have also come together to donate food to give to St. Vincent de Paul for families in need.

CPES values the community and is always finding ways to help or to bring community members in to educate its students on different topics. 

Becerril, along with other TISD Counselors, always have students’ interest at the forefront of their decisions, initiatives, and opportunities. 

When asked, “what does the role of a counselor mean to you…”, Becerril stated: “You are the heart of the students. They know they can count on you when they are feeling sad, anxious, etc. I also love the hugs and getting to know every student personally.”

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