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Tomball Independent School District

Feel Good Story: DPES Teacher Goes Above & Beyond for Student, Recognized on Texans Helping Texans KHOU Broadcast

Feel Good Story: DPES Teacher Goes Above & Beyond for Student, Recognized on Texans Helping Texans KHOU Broadcast

Cheryl Shrader, a kindergarten teacher at Decker Prairie Elementary, went above and beyond to support a student with home visits during her medical recovery. KHOU spotlighted Shrader's efforts on its recent Texans Helping Texans broadcast.

February 23, 2024
DPES Teacher Recognized on Texans Helping Texans KHOU Broadcast

Decker Prairie Elementary kindergarten teacher Cheryl Shrader exemplified what it means to go above and beyond for a student. When Kendall, a kindergarten student in Shrader’s class, had to have spine surgery in October 2023 to fix a form of scoliosis, that meant she would be in a body cast for weeks and couldn't return to her class for months.

When the time came for Schrader to step up big, she did. Her impact in helping Kendall feel a part of the class even though she was home recovering, was an incredible gift to the family.

During her time off, Shrader went to the family home three times a week to make sure Kendall stayed on track. 

"She came over with so many extra activities and things for Kendall to do," said Kendall’s mom. "It really helped Kendall feel included in everything that was happening in class."

When it was time for Kendall to return to school after the Winter Break, her transition was seamless, and in large part thanks to Shrader.

“We have so many wonderful teachers here at Decker Prairie Elementary and Cheryl Shrader is a wonderful example of that unwavering dedication,” said Brenda Blackmon, DPES Principal. “She loves them like her own, and they know it. It is a joy to work alongside her, and her team feels the same way. Her commitment to education extends beyond her four walls, as she collaborates well with others, seeks feedback, and always has a warm smile on her face. We all feel the same way about her as her students do. She is not just a teacher; she is a blessing to her Kindergartners and to Decker Prairie.”

For the full story, visit the KHOU article

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