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Feel Good Story: CPES Uses Wild Cafe to Build Student Leaders

Feel Good Story: CPES Uses Wild Cafe to Build Student Leaders

Canyon Pointe Elementary opened Wild Cafe to provide an opportunity for its SLL students to learn life and social skills and become students leaders on campus.

December 15, 2023
Canyon Pointe Elementary Uses Wild Cafe to Build Student Leaders 

CPES Student Wild Cafe

Canyon Pointe Elementary is focused on building student leaders on campus, and through the Wild Cafe, an idea initiated by SLL Teacher Matthew Martinez, and supported by a campus committee led by Assistant Principal Lauren Dunleavy, this incredible opportunity for SLL students has enabled them to learn life and social skills on campus.

“We brought this idea into fruition as part of Canyon Pointe’s inclusive efforts to ensure that our students in the SLL program are a part of campus as a whole,” said CPES Principal Erin Johnson. 

The Wild Cafe serves as a way for students in the SLL program to interact with others and learn how to exchange products and money. Students are currently selling sodas, popcorn, chips, and candy. The Wild Cafe allows students to go out into the campus for about 15 minutes a day to take the cart around and sell items that have been pre-ordered by staff.

Through this initiative, students are encouraged to make eye contact, welcome customers, and ask how they can help them at the shop. Every day, these students are building life skills thanks to this new initiative. 

“It has created a moment for students to use social skills they have learned in the classroom and put them into practice,” said Johnson. “It helps our SLL students be seen as an important part of our campus and are able to be leaders, too.”

The Wild Cafe provides an opportunity for these nine students to make an impact on campus but also learn new things and experience success each and every time. They have learned to navigate the building with assistance, identify people in their community, and rehearse social communication skills in a real scenario. 

“The goal for Canyon Pointe and its Wild Cafe is to bring in general education students to be a big part of the Cafe so that everyone is coming together and teaching unity between our students regardless of ability,” said Johnson.  


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