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Tomball Independent School District

Nutrition Information

Nutrient Standards of Meals
Today’s school breakfast and lunch are both designed to meet stringent national and state nutrition standards.  These nutritional guidelines require that school meals provide specific amounts of calories, protein, types of vegetables (green, orange/red, legumes, starch, & other) fruit, whole grains, and low-fat/fat free milk.  In addition, meals are lower in sodium and cholesterol and higher in fiber than in the past.  USDA Meal Pattern   
The Child Nutrition Assistant Director designs all the menus based on the aforementioned standards. The Child Nutrition Director approves all menus to meet these standards.
Please follow this link to learn more about Nutrient Standards in Schools.
Today, students must choose a fruit or vegetable with their meal to receive the posted meal price.
Tomball ISD uses SchoolCafé to assist parents with paying for food items and managing their student's cafeteria account online.  Access the SchoolCafe system to place money on your student's account or place account purchase restrictions.

2022-2023 Monthly Nutrient Analysis