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Tomball Independent School District

Tax Sheltered Annuities

403(b), 403(b) Roth and 457 TAX SHELTERED ANNUITIES

Benefit Elect of Texas is a leading provider of 403(b) administration to Texas Public School Districts. In conjunction with the Teachers Retirement System of Texas (TRS), our administrative services simplify the process of offering voluntary payroll deductions of approved 403 (b) and (b)(7) products to educators. A Tax Sheltered Annuity is a savings plan that is set up through payroll deduction that allows you to save additional money for retirement on a pre-tax basis. All earnings are accumulated on a tax deferred basis and are taxed as ordinary income when withdrawn. 

Third Party Administrator:  Chris Cramer
Telephone:  713-705-8754
Fax: 855-710-7400