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Tomball Independent School District

Pre-K Registration

pre-k registration

Pre-Kindergarten Pre-Registration

If your child will be 4 years old on or before September 1, they are age-eligible but must still meet state qualifications Pre-Kindergarten. (See other necessary qualifications below.)

Please follow these Pre-K Registration Steps

Registrar's Information

Campus Level Registrar Email
Canyon Pointe FDPK & K Magda Gross Email Magda Gross
Creekside Forest K Only Patricia Vintimilla Email Patricia Vintimilla
Creekview K Only Ashlyn Llorente Email Ashlyn Llorente
Decker Prairie FDPK & K Doris Torres Email Doris Torres
Grand Oaks FDPK & K Desiree Delgado Email Desiree Delgado
Lakewood HDPK & K Bethany Walker Email Bethany Walker
Rosehill FDPK & K Azucena Escareno Email Azucena Escareno
Timber Creek K Only Dawna Lee Email Dawna Lee
Tomball FDPK & K Rosalinda (Rosie) Diaz Email Rosie Diaz
Wildwood HDPK & K Maria Soukup Email Maria Soukup
Willow Creek HDPK & K Suzanne Pierce Email Suzanne Pierce